Our Mission

To be a leading telecommunications group by providing our customers with integrated, high value, innovative and world-class solutions, through human development and the application and management of state-of-the art technology.

Our Vision

To consolidate our leadership in the domestic market, expanding its telecommunications service penetration in all possible markets and be placed as one of the fastest and best-growing companies in the world.

Our Values


Work is any human activity that meets an economic, emotional or personal growth need. For us, work is a value because through it we can meet our needs and serve others. Work is the opportunity that life gives us to transform and improve the environment we live in. It is a privilege to work and therefore, our personal task should be to give our best.


In our Company, we firmly believe that each one of us, within our capabilities, must permanently improve and develop throughout our lives. We do not grow on our own. Growth is achieved through joint efforts by being the best company, employee, citizen and family with the best employees.

Social Responsibility

To do our work well, to serve and comply with our customers and suppliers, abide to current legislation and to take care of financial, human and material resources, are ways in which we can carry out this value. Our social responsibility makes us seek constant common good. Tthe first expression of our social responsibility is our commitment with the United States. The Company is very much aware of the country where it operates, its challenges, problems and opportunities. Therefore, we seek to cooperate with the country’s economic, social and cultural development goals.


To be austere means to efficiently use and take care of what we have, optimize resources and eliminate waste, only spend on what is necessary and eliminate useless or superfluous items. Austerity is not a limitation, but rather, it is a possibility for creating, improving, imagining and growing. The strength of our values relies in each one of them and in its interaction, therefore, in order to be socially responsible, we should also practice austerity.